Rest assured, we’ll take care of everything!

Sea Star Ship Suppliers is a complete company, after years of improvement we can say that we have come as close as possible to the state of the art, thus offering all the services that involve this process in high performance. From budgeting, filling in and entering legalization documentation for foreign trade, to responsible warehousing and its final logistics operations, such as the delivery transportation at the indicated berth terminal.


  • Refrigerated Trucks
  • 24 Hour Reception
  • Department of Logistics Intelligence
  • Worldwide foods



After confirmation of the budget, we separate the loads in stock and order the loads on demand, pack and store as needed according to the deadline.


Fast Cotation

In Brazil, all cargo leaving the country must be registered by the Internal Revenue Service, either for export or consumption on board. Our office is in charge of preparing fastest all this legal documentation.


Safe Transport

Our planning team and our own fleet of trucks allow us to carry the transport in an agile, safe and at a relatively lower cost than others, as it does not involve third party costs.

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  • Cloth & Linen Products
  • Clothing
  • Electrical Equipment
  • Hand Tools
  • Hardware
  • Hose & Couplings
  • Painting Equipment
  • Pneumatic & Electrical Tools
  • Provisions & Slop Chest
  • Rigging Equip. & Gener. Deck Items
  • Rope & Hawsers
  • Safety Equipment
  • Safety Protective Gear
  • Special Food, Bev. & Seasonings
  • Tableware & Galley Utensils
  • Welfare Items