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Specializing in naval supplies, Sea Star is responsible for supplying cargo ships and cruises with products, supplies and marine equipment with the best service in the region. We work with orders in stock and / or on demand. Our acceptable costs and high quality products reveal our differential.

  • We supply to the Port of Santos
  • We supply to the Port of Guarujá
  • We supply to the Port of Rio de Janeiro
  • We supply to the Port of Paranagua
  • We supply to the Port of São Sebastião
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Sea Star Ship Suppliers was founded in 1999. Today our newly renovated headquarters is located in the Port of Santos, Brazil. Our structure has a large storage space, a fleet of our own trucks and administrative offices. Our team, which today has a large number of employees, are constantly trained to maintain our quality index, maintaining our position as the most efficient naval suppliers in the region, thus facilitating the logistics chain of ships that dock in Brazil. Coordinated by our Logistics Intelligence department, we are proud to say that our company is extremely competent and prepared to better serve them.

As well, our subsidiaries and partners in several ports of Brazil, all maintaining our standard of quality. Responsibility, agility and total security for you!

We are constantly monitoring and quality inspection, to maintain our company values, which are:
  • Excellence
  • Honesty
  • Transparency
Our main goal is to be your preferred and reliable supplier.
We are always looking for the best in the market to deliver the best solutions, according to our customers’ needs.
To be the main reference in ship supply and market leader in the whole Brazil. Providing the best quality supplies for marine use with safety, agility and reasonable prices.
Claudio Roberto Das Flores
Claudio Roberto Das FloresCEO
Celio Virginio Emerenciano
Celio Virginio EmerencianoCEO
João Maria da Cunha
João Maria da CunhaCEO


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